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E9 & C6 Versions

New Pricing - ONE LOW PRICE for E9 and C6 tunings together.  $40. plus shipping and handling.

"From Good, to Better, To Best, Play to Express"
glis·san·do: NOUN, music, "a continuous slide upward or downward between two notes"

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The Glissando ChordFinder©

This module is one of the two main tools of the Program. It is a menu and form driven reference tool, allowing you to find any inversion of 17 different chord types, in any key, anywhere they occur on the neck of the guitar. You will know where to find and play many hundreds  of chord inversions, anywhere on the neck. The program allows you to quickly create the correct copedent for YOUR guitar, so the chords views are accurate for your setup, whatever it may be.

The Power of Purple

When using the chord finder, you see ALL the notes that are in a chord, wherever they are located on the neck. Even if a fret only contains two of the notes in the chord, say the root and the 5th, but not the 3rd for instance, we still show that to you, so that your subconscious mind will "imprint" that those notes exist there. You might choose to use them for some little fill your doing even if not choosing the whole chord. But the purple fret header instantly identifies the frets every note in the chord fall in.  In the example above, you see purple on 1,2,4,7,&9 (11 also), which means this chord, D# minor, exists on that fret. If you do not want to see the frets that don't contain the full chord, you simply click the "Hide Incomplete" button, and the screen compresses to only those full chord frets.

What IF?  You can use the Copedent Set-up module to make "virtual" copedent changes on your rig. What happens if you take your knee lever that lowers your middle G# to and F#, (like I have) and make it lower the D (9th) string a full tone to a C. What can you play? Find out virtually before you get your wrenches out!  (This one works out well, I may just do it!)

Compressed View

Dm, with 6 inversions on Fret # 3 (G FRET)